Trailer park Thursdays — What I learned making 13 on Halloween’s book trailer

The trailer for 13 on Halloween was the second trailer I produced. I learned a lot when I produced my first book trailer for Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale. Winnemucca’s trailer was a bit long. The standard seems to be right around a minute and a half at the most. It’s crazy how long two and a half minutes can seem. The minute difference really matters to readers/viewers. I’ve been doing a lot of presentations lately on my trailers and wanted to share this one with you because, as you know, I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to Halloween. I love it. I always have. And 13 on Halloween is free everywhere, so if you like reading about a girl who gets a birthday gift that’s literally out of this world, on her 13th birthday which just happens to be on Halloween, you might want to check it out.  When I produce trailers, they help me see my stories in new ways. My process so far involves writing the novel, then designing the cover, then producing the book’s trailer. I love this creative process because it reminds me of a crescendo in music. I begin with all the characters in my mind, then I get to “meet them” visually for the first time in the process of designing the book’s cover. And finally I get to experience the world in a bigger way when I add music and live action footage to breathe even more life into the story.

When my girls were little, I liked to serve dessert or breakfast for dinner sometimes. I loved it when their schools had upside-down days, or inside-out days. I’ve been thinking it would be fun to do the same type of thing with my creative process. Take that crescendo and reverse it. Start with a trailer, then a cover, then write the story. It’s fun to think about. Mixing things up. Trying something new creatively. But, whatever I do, I need to keep it under a minute and a half! LOL!

Monday Muse: SFINE (San Francisco Independent Authors Book Signing Event)

Whew! What a fabulous weekend…hung out with some old friends and made some new ones. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who stopped by to say hi!

Got to meet some wonderful readers like Sabrina! <3

A big shout out to Angela, Sydney & Kate, Carly and Vivian too 😀

Hanging with my booth buddies!

Got to make some new friends who happen to be best selling authors too 😀 From Left Stephanie Holster, Nikki Jefford and my awesome roomie Bethany Lopez!

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The making of a book trailer

It’s a very rainy day here on the central California coast, and I haven’t had a heart-to-heart with you in a while, so I thought I’d wrap up in the afghan and hope you have time for a chat as I’m putting the finishing touches on the Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) book trailer. You can read all about The Shadow Series here. The book trailer will debut on The Shadow Slayer book tour that’s coming up next week Dec. 3-15, put on by the fabulous SupaGurl Books. (Every day of the tour be sure to check here on Laurasmagicday for an additional daily giveaway.) Anyway, back to the making of a book trailer. I’ve blogged about the nuts & bolts of trailer making before, and if you want to check out how you can make your own book trailer, you can click here for the article I wrote for Bubble Cow called How To Make Your Own Book Trailer. My process has stayed pretty much the same.

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Winnemucca Wednesday : Staying Inspired, Libraries, and Who Are These Voices?

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Ginny literally told me her story in a flurry of two weeks nearly six years ago. I had just traveled to Romania at the invitation of the Alvigout foundation [which means “good works“] and was settling into a writing class that met once a week with the amazing Val Hobbs when Ginny started to tell me her story. I think because she told me her story so fast and in such a condensed period of time her voice was strong. Only thing was, she left out one little part–the end. And so it went. I had a beginning and a bit of a middle, but no end. In the meantime, Joe and I would raise our daughters and see them off to college and careers of their own. And our lives would change drastically from our stable, suburban LA life to one of spontaneity and the road.

So how did I keep inspired all the while I was trying to figure out where Ginny was headed? Continue reading Winnemucca Wednesday : Staying Inspired, Libraries, and Who Are These Voices?