Diary of a Debut Author: Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale, Bookiversary & Giveaway!

A year ago today Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale, was published. I can’t tell you what a thrilling year it’s been. Of all my books, Winnemucca is the best seller so far. Like my other novels, Winnemucca has sold all over the world and has even won an award for its trailer. I’ve gotten emails from readers from as far afield as Romania, The Philippines, Australia, and Russia. I’ve gotten to join some amazing groups of authors too including The Paranormal Plumes Society, The Pacific Northwest YA Authors, The Central Coast Writers Association, and The YA Indie Carnival. And because of these great authors, I’ve given my first presentations at libraries & schools, done book signings and even attended my first book festivals as an author, I blogged a little bit about these experiences here in my diary of a debut author posts. I’ve visited new places — Savannah, GA; Portland, OR; and Deltona, FL. My work has been reviewed by book bloggers, readers and publications. The book bloggers I’ve gotten to know have been so welcoming and encouraging of indie authors and I feel blessed to have met them. And I’ve had the pleasure of reading some amazing novels this year. Novels I never would have known about if I hadn’t gotten into the Indie world. It’s all been so incredibly inspiring. I learned about blog tours and swag and how to format paperbacks. I had so much to learn! But the great groups of authors I’ve gotten to know have helped me put all the pieces together and get over the bumps along the way.

To thank you all for your amazing support and to celebrate Winnemucca’s Bookiversary I’m giving away 13 on Halloween…click here for your free copy. Shadow Slayer, book 2 in The Shadow Series will release Sept. 18. Its cover reveal is coming soon! I’m also having a little giveaway. My goal is to have 25 Amazon reviews by the end of the month. So if you’ve read Winnemucca, just leave a review and you’re entered. Every review is an entry. What do you win? A $25 Amazon or B&N gift card! Woot! Click here for more details!

To read an excerpt, check out the dream cast and watch the trailer click here!

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From Tomes to Taps; Getting your feet wet with apps by Toni Matlock

[Toni and I had the pleasure of meeting each other at Wordstock in Portland, OR. She rocks! We were booth neighbors and we got to chatting about APPS. I’m thrilled that Toni is here today to demystify the world of APPS for us regular folks. So, grab a cup of tea and read about one story’s journey from the printed page to APP-land!]

So you are thinking about publishing an eBook?  Maybe you have a book in ink and paper already published and want to get in on all this App action.  Or maybe you haven’t been published yet, feel empowered by the self-publishing option and think the App rage looks like easy money.   Where do you start?  How easy or hard is it?

A few years ago my friend, artist and author Carol Bolt, called me up and asked if we at salty snack studios could and would make an app.  As a happy coincidence, my partner, Bruce Tribbensee, and I make movies and had just started making iPhone apps. Carol’s books were already on our list of apps we wanted to make.  And Carol was on our list of people with whom we wanted to work.

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Secrets of E-book Marketing: Excerpt trades and enhanced e-books

YA Author Cheri Lasota and I met through social media. I had networked with a lot of authors in the Pacific Northwest because my husband renovates hotels and Portland will be, off-and-on, our latest address and I wanted to get to know local authors. This helped to lead to the formation of The Pacific Northwest YA Authors Association and also lead to the discovery of Voodoo doughnuts [but that’s another story :)]. Cheri lives in the Portland area and had published her debut novel, Artemis Rising, similar in style to my debut novel, Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale.

Cheri contacted me about excerpt swapping. It was a great collaboration that turned out to be an amazing experience and we want to share what we learned with you today in our cross-posts. Below, you’ll find my Q & A with Cheri about our excerpt swap process. Cheri’s Q & A with me is on her blog, just click here! Join the conversation by leaving a comment here and let us know what e-book marketing has been successful for you and if you’ve collaborated in this way.

Laura: What gave you the idea to excerpt swap? What was your biggest challenge in the process?

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