Monday Muse: The Sea Otter Classic––Redefine your limits


This Monday I’m inspired by the Sea Otter Classic bicycle races I went to over the weekend at Laguna Seca. There’s a motto FOX, a bicycle shock manufacturer, has––Redefine your limits it’s a fabulous way to start this week. Thinking about what’s beyond our limits. It’s something I like to write about. My characters try to redefine their limits. But, it’s not something I’ve really thought about lately in terms of myself.

What’s beyond your limits?

All of the riders were an inspiration, especially my daughter’s boyfriend, an enduro bike racer. The racers’ dedication and love of the sport is a joy. It’s fun to think about what lies beyond the things I think I can handle. That there might be something more I might try. Something more difficult than I ever thought I could ever pull off. I’m going to redefine my limits this week. I need the extra encouragement to meet deadlines, for sure. But creatively I think I’ll adjust my writing shocks so that I can navigate some steeper, gnarlier trails than I’m used to. Take more risks and thrill in the zesty downhill ride.

What’ a limit you want to redefine?

What I’m listening to as I edit this morning: Could I’ve been so blind by The Black Crowes


Tasty Thursday: Los Angeles, food & romance

For those of you who don’t know, champagne is my favorite drink. And this seems brilliant! I’ve never tried making champagne ice cubes, but I will have to very soon 🙂

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what screams Love like a wonderful, romantic meal? I hope you all get a chance to sit down with the one you love this Valentine’s Day. Spoil yourself. Splurge a little. Do something out of the box.

I’m on my way to Los Angeles. It’s where I lived as a newlywed. There are so many friends I’m excited to see & lots of food to eat too 🙂 Here’s a couple places on my list : El Chavo’s (best margaritas on the planet & awesome posters of Dolly Parton too!) & the Tiki Ti (yes, I’d like one electric lemonade please). If you’re in LA these are a MUST! I’m going to be writing with a bunch of friends this week. Hoping to make lots of progress on Moon Killers, book 3 in the Shadow Series. An excerpt from Moon Killers is going to be featured at Indie Author Month this Monday with a cover reveal later this month! Click here to get all the details! On a side note, I’m very excited to be a best-selling author this week. Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale hit #1 in three different Amazon categories this week. #squeeeeee. Time to pop the champagne 🙂

Got any Valentine’s Day/romantic dinner recipes? I’d love to know what they are?

Best writing block busters of the year :)

I usually post regularly until recently. Lots going on in RL. I’d love to share some good news though, it looks like after surgery my mom is going to be cancer free and that she won’t need chemo! Woot! She sure is a strong woman, especially for her mid-eighties. I admire her strength and courage so much. If your mom is still around, give her an extra hug today for me, OK?

And with RL in overdrive, I’ve had a rare bout of no writing. It’s like anything, I guess. (not like a “real job” certainly where you have to get things done no matter what’s going on) Certain things have to get done and those things have, but what disappears pretty quickly is the ability/desire for/time for/focus for writing. And when there is time and I’m trying there is the ever scary, every intimidating blank page! Que scary music: Dah-dah-dah-dah!   EEEEEEEP! (scream) I rarely have this problem. I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I could write any time, any where, no matter what. Well, that’s just not true this time around. I even avoided ever saying the words writer’s block, because I thought they had some kind of magical powers…like saying Valdemort in HP, ya know?

So…what to do? Phone a friend. Or Facebook them. Ask for some help. When I put the word out to my Lady Army (sorry Adam and those few guys that are actually a part of this amazing group of supportive authors and thus I need to find another name for these fabulous friends/writers/authors/book reviewers/editors, but like I said….I got nothin’) they had a few suggestions and I wanted to share them with you.

K. A. Tucker, author of the casual enchantment series and Ten Tiny Breaths (have you read this? buy it! you will love it :),  was one of the first to respond. She said to buy a bottle of wine and get a good book and don’t leave your chair until one of them is finished. Excellent idea K. A.! You are amazing. Can’t wait to try this one. (I did have a glass of wine on the flight over to Florida while reading–not the same thing–but I never drink and fly and this was just fun because it was different for me. Got a lot of reading done too!)

Carol Kunz the “C” part of fabulous mother/son author team CA Kunz kicked my butt and gave me a deadline. This ALWAYS works with me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this one, but it is sort of hard to give yourself a deadline, isn’t it? Anyhoo, she said by the time she sees me today she wants 3K more words typed out on my WIP. YES MA’AM! Anything for Carol. So I have a few hours left and I’m 2K short. We’ll see if I get there 🙂 But I because of this deadline that Carol gave me I typed out 1K more than I have in a VERY long time, what feels like an eternity, in fact. Thank you Carol! Up until that flight a good day was 100 words, and believe me I’ll take them. 100 words is great! But 1000 is better 🙂 Right? (too bad I can’t count the words on this post…LOL!)

So excited to be going out to lunch with the fabulous authors TIffany King, author of Wishing for Someday Soon, The Saving Angel Series, Forever Changed, Unlikely Allies, Miss Me Not. Carol and Adam Kunz of CA Kunz authors of The Childe series, and the trilogy The Modified—-SO GOOD. Pick up any of these and find out why I love their writing so much! Squeeee!!! Nice to be out of the hospital today to enjoy this beautiful Florida sunshine with friends.

Thanks for all your love and support!

The great escape, measuring time & The San Francisco Book Review

I’m back home after unplugging for a five day vacation with the family up to a lake in the Sierras. We had a blast. It’s so good to travel up to the mountains again. That lake is like a second home to us and a place my hubby’s family has been going to for generations.

My daughter and I were able to sneak away from the pack for a while and we started to write a little fairy tale about the lake. It’s the first time I’ve ever written up there. We were sitting on the docks, looking out at the water and she wrote a paragraph and then I wrote a paragraph and before you knew it, we had a wonderful little story brewing. It incorporated a lot of the mythology of the lake, or what we imagined the mythology to be 🙂 , and includes some of our favorite spots too. I can’t believe I haven’t written there before. I guess maybe it’s not what my brain wants to do at 7000 ft? It’s been years since we’ve vacationed there. We keep asking ourselves why it’s taken so long to travel back to the cabin. A place we’d once gone to two or three times every summer. And then it became so obvious. It hit me at unexpected times. In my search for the table extensions, I opened the wrong closet and found his coats still hanging there. Groggy, on an early morning I opened a drawer in the bathroom and found his razor and overnight bag. Ray’s been gone for about six years now. I can still hear his voice up there. I still expect him to come around the fire at night. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure his spirit does. Ray’s been a big inspiration in my writing. He finds his way into many of my books. So, when I returned home to find the 4.5/5 star San Francisco Book Review of Transfer Student. I smiled. What author isn’t pleased that her writing is well received, right? But my happiness doubled because it came from a different place. It brought more memories of Ray and made my smile grow. See, years ago when I was writing the first drafts of the story, I was trying to come up with the language of the Rethan people. I was having a terrible time trying to come up with how Rethan’s measure time. Specifically, I was hung up on inventing their word for year. I ended up calling it a ray. Here’s a link to an interview where I talk more about the behind-the-scenes inspiration for the story. 

I hope you all are getting a chance to escape to a favorite spot this summer. Whether it’s sneaking away to your favorite spot in your garden to read or write or plant something beautiful or just walk around your neighborhood or hang out with friends. Escaping sure is fun.

Writing Classes for Kids Winners!

English: happy face

Jake & Samantha win copies of 13 on Halloween & Winnemucca!

Congratulations to : 


First place: The Unseen Blight by Jake Flinthart


First place: Monster by Samantha Whitehouse


Two great entries tied for first place in our adult category. Continue reading Writing Classes for Kids Winners!