24-Hours Of World Class Fun Wake up early in the City of Angels where a pink sunrise takes centre stage while the full moon sets over the Hollywood Hills and it hits you, gazing at jaw-dropping views of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory – epic dreams do come true. Here, every day. Los Angeles is in the dream-making business.

With monsoon season getting off to an early start, you’ll want to head to these epic spots and savour the spectacles of mother nature. These gorgeous destinations will make the heat and humidity bearable because of their breathtaking beauty and cool temperatures. So pack your bags now, you don’t have much time to soak in all this splendour––September will be here before you know it.

Where we stay says a lot about who we are and shapes not only our experiences but our lives. One small encounter sets us on a course of new adventure in business, love, exploration, and can even change the way we see the world.

Cuba’s first true luxury hotel brings European flair to old Havana. Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana houses 246 rooms and suites in a refurbished shopping arcade, which was originally built between 1894 and 1917.

This historic structure is surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Capitol, and the Great Theatre of Havana – so there is no shortage of things to do right out the front door of the hotel. However, with the contemporary amenities and elegant atmosphere at the hotel, you might not want to leave.

Wild Caribbean | An Adrenaline-fueled call to adventure | April/May World Travel Magazine

Welcome to New World mystery. Unleash your elemental wild side in this place, unlike any other in the world. Claim your buried treasure. Explode a few closely held myths. Make a new way on these wild encounters and sail away to a new paradise.

Mention the Caribbean and the sound of steel drums, tales of pirates, sun-baked beaches, and calls to adventure come to mind. The hotspot evokes a kind of fantasyland where the sun never sets and the rum never goes dry––filled with palm trees, coconuts, plantains, papayas, and the dream of discovering buried treasure. There’s something in the air in this part of the world that blends the mythological, the supernatural, the Calypsonian and storyteller in us all, creating our own kind of folklore. You can almost hear the whispers of the past on the Caribbean’s storied, consistent trade winds. Winds that blew unimaginable treasure across the ocean to the Old World.

Citadels of luxury, Perfect villas for every season & mood | World Travel Magazine

We long for magnificence, seeking it out in all we do and all we own. Shared memories are among the greatest of these treasures––brushstrokes we cherish for a lifetime. What better backdrop for these moments than extraordinary villas? Sacred spaces we fill with experiences destined to see us through uncertain times and upheavals. Moments we’ll undoubtedly weave into the fabric of our lives, at once legend and myth. Are you a king in search of a castle? A queen searching for her lair? Look no further. Find your sense of splendor here, be it an intimate celebration, family reunion or turning the page to a magnificent chapter in your story.

You’ve been there––at the crossroads between the possible and impossible. Staring straight at what you love and don’t want to accept about life. Longing, needing…something. Hanging by a thread, you settle. You decide to avoid, deny or rationalize the longing as a phantom. Something too big to acknowledge, let alone admit.

But the longing won’t be denied. Later that day, on the train or in the car, in the shower or on your daily jog the feeling bites again. That’s when you know. It’s time to get away, but not on a vacation. You need to travel. Only, you have no idea where or when. All you know is the why. All you know is you need to feel.

Pick an emotion and pack your bag. You won’t need much. They’ll do the rest.

Blink invites you to be their guest on an emotional rescue. They’ll customize a remote, one-of-a-kind, tailor-made adventure unlike anything that has been or ever will be. That’s because everything from the temporary homes to the site itself are here today and gone tomorrow. Blink and you’ll miss the here and now––whether among sand dunes, glaciers, jungles, lakes, savannas, or wild coastlines. A metaphor for the life well lived, the life that seems to be slipping away.



World Travel Magazine

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Part of interview series which included five artists for the Singapore Contemporary Art Show feature–I conducted Mayté’s interview in Spanish.Excerpt from Interview:

Movement is Mayté Guzmán’s middle name––bodies on canvas, speed and gestures. She’s in love with all things impromptu, accidental and yet precise. Her artistic vision holds a fascinating dichotomy. The organic and the powerful all speak to her, allowing a unique energy and passion to awaken curiosity in her viewers. She hopes to transport us into a world of organic memory that transcends this world.

We wanted to dig a little deeper into her inspirations and discover some of the stories behind her creations in order to get a pulse on the artist’s love affair with process.

LE: Who has been the greatest artistic influence on your work?

Mayté: Mainly I identify with the German and American abstract expressionists like De Kooning, and Franz Kline. I also admire Joan Mitchell, and Gerhard Richter for their great imprint and spontaneity. 

LE: Can you speak about the inspiration for your series on love and walk us through the evolution of this body of work reflecting on your process?

Mayté: My painting is not a political or religious denunciation, it is simply a way of expressing my feelings based also on intuition and fantasy. In the process I like the spontaneity of the stroke leaving always the error, the accident. Painting gives me a strange form of pleasure. 

LE: In “Las Amas de casa en extinción” can you please tell us about the subject of the message, was it a person or situation that inspired you to create the painting?

Mayté: The woman was previously educated to obey and to be submissive to gain her personal fulfillment, now she occupies a different place in the world. From here arose the series “Housewives in danger of extinction.”

Excerpt from interview:

Inspired by the Buddhist idea that one’s heart shapes and influences an ever-changing physical reality, Zhang’s meditative process of producing art transcends the medium of ink and paper. Viewers see beyond his minimalist visual forms into their very soul, sometimes reunifying with their authentic selves in a kind of purification process.

Often free flowing and free from color, Zhang’s peaceful mind guides his brush to create abstract images. Viewers encounter breathtaking brush strokes that awaken their imaginations and invite them on a powerful to journey to the heart.

We wanted to understand more about the intention behind Zhang’s art and the concept of freedom that is found in understanding our authentic selves.

LE: Can you tell us the inspiration that led to you choose the subject “forget, forget forget, forget forget forget” for your solo exhibition this year?

Zhang: The exhibition’s title originates from my artistic expression, which releases the shackles of external figuration for a return to the internal self.

LE: Do you remember the first time you painted intuitively with a peaceful mind? What did you do with that artwork?

Zhang: It was about eight years ago when I was traveling on my own to a deserted village on foot. I saw that the plants growing there had reshaped a man-made environment. This was an extremely picturesque scene which left a deep impression on me.

LE: Understanding experiences shape experiences. Can you comment on whether your painting helped to generate your peaceful mind, or whether it was the quest for a peaceful mind that created your artwork? 

Zhang: Spiritual epiphany. Inner calmness is my life pursuit. Hence, there are no concrete images in my works, only knowing myself wholeheartedly without any constraints from a mundane life. 

Other artists interviewed : Jeff Murray, UK; Sara Zaher, Australia; Azad Daniel, Malaysia


Whether you want to drive an Aston Martin DB11 through Tuscany, spray paint a New York city wall with a famous graffiti artist, make homemade vodka with a local farmer in a Ukrainian village, freedive with sharks off the coast of Florida, or take the ultimate photo of an Anaconda in the Amazon rainforest, we design your ideal journey into a unique adventure fueled by your passions and interests.

Life isn’t about surviving it’s about thriving––living out loud, in color.

Unwrap one of life’s great gifts, the discovery of your authentic self. A path where you no longer need to settle or be afraid. You Only Live Once (YOLO) will help you step out of your known world into the unknown. To a world of beauty and surprises where one day finds you saving sea turtles in Sri Lanka, another cycling over the Golden Gate bridge, and yet another wearing a ball gown or tux to the opera––rocking the perfect accessories, of course.

Wherever you go today, YOLO will take you there joyfully.

Life is short and we don’t have much time to look fabulous or feel extraordinary. We’re here to help you find joy by freeing your spirit. Our products help you define your authentic self and redefine the possible.


There is nothing quite like mornings on the Riviera Maya where the exotic meets intention. Where peace can be found among ruins. Colorful reefs and culture, dramatic beaches and ancient customs breathe you back to life.

Nothing is more promising than waking up in New York City, where anything goes because anything can. Fortunes have been made and lost, lives have begun triumphantly and ended tragically and yet, the city never sleeps. She’s always there for you, whatever your mood. Art is the heart of New York City and you are about to fall in love through the eyes and work of Banksy, Basquiat, Jackson Pollock.


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Movie review and interviews with the cast, director and producer of HOSTEL–including Eli Roth, and Quentin Tarantino

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